old town loon 160 laying on concrete

first I would like to thank everyone on this site that helped me pick out my new canoe,a nova craft prospector 17ft made out of tuffstuff expedition.my question is about my loon 160 kayak,i have it under my porch,it is out of the weather,but it is laying on concrete.should I get it off of the concrete,it is made of royalex.by the way I did build a beautiful coverd rack for the nova craft and my 14ft great canadian canoe just didn’t have room for the kayak.thank you again,i am glad I found this site

generally advice is…

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laying on concrete harms nothing.

however, we all know this is BS so lay the hull on a plastic tarp from Wal ($1) or cardboard from who ?

if you're compulsive, 2-3 layers of Wal mattress foam under the keel lengthwise would be infinite.

OK in cool weather
Shouldn’t hurt it Fall through Spring but don’t leave it on there in the Summer. The poly can soften with heat and create flat spots on the hull. Always best to store a kayak on its side, suspended overhead or on some sort of padding. A couple of old tires under it is one option. I rest my on a few short chunks of foam pool noodle.

rest your boat on some wood planks.

I wouldn’t do it
if you have a low deck… If there is snow, that is a prime residence at my house for my chipmunks and mice.

They love to nest in foam but might remove some from the kayak to do so.

at best check on the yak and rattle their cage.


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with poly hulls under bulkheads or if no bulkheads or dividers then fore and aft the coming a few inches...

wherever appears more solidly built

a solid construction apart from not that solid reveals looking from outside hull when inside hull is lit with a droplight...doahn heat the hull

OT Loon Royalex?
Wow I didn’t know the Loon kayak was made from royalex. HMMM

Its not but so…
the minicell IMO is most at risk.