Old Town model FG?

I have wanted to get a big ole’ canoe for the family and came across this Old town 18’ model FG. This thing is a beast of a canoe and nary a scratch on it.I have never heard of a model FG nor is there much reference on the web about them. Talked to old town briefly to get the build sheet and this was built with no thrawts or a yolk.

Anybody got anything?

Old Town’s first fiberglass canoe
According to “Old Town - Our First Hundred Years”, this was the first fiberglass canoe made by Old Town (1965). It was made in two molded pieces - the hull and a top which included the decks, rails, and seats. I don’t know how many years it was made.

Weight? Maybe Columbia?
I have an 18ft Old Town Columbia Fiberglass canoe made in 1985 with hand laid fiberglass. Its a sleek canoe made to compete with the Wenonah and Sawyer brands. I have seen some older HEAVY Old Town fiberglass canoes with Parque floors that are barges. Mine weighs about 62lbs. The Barges are about 80-90lbs.

Definetly a barge.
I’ve had a couple old town canoes but this one is by far the biggest. Build sheet from the factory lists it at 93 lbs. I figure we can put 5 of us in it plus the dog and the kitchen sink.

You gotta love Old Town, a five minute call told me the model, ship date, got the build sheet and new MSO. All for free.

This will be used as a family transport for days on the river islands especially when everyones tuckered at the end of the day.

Making a 12’ float for it and putting a small outboard on it.