Old Town Next or ??????

Thinking about picking up a Next tomorrow and wondering if there is any insight on it. I already read the review but was wondering how it stacked up to other solo canoes.

My size is 5’7" and 190 lb. I went and test piloted it along with a Camden and a Dirigo. It turned better than the Dirigo but the Camden seemed both faster and easier to turn. That was just my impression with the 3. I would much rather have a solo canoe ish boat. Is there a better choice for about a grand that is around 13 foot.

The story goes like this…For my kids birthday we gave them OT Vapor 10s (son 9 and daughter 7). My plan was to get a better canoe for the wife and I to tandem in and switch if a kid got tired. Well the kids love the yaks and want to go to the lake all the time…GREAT…But the wife decided she now wants a kayak instead, she will be getting a Camden tomorrow. That leaves either a kayak or a canoe for me. Not really wanting a kayak and thought a solo canoe would be the cats butt.

So how does it stack up and remember i only have $1100 for boat and paddle


Slower and heavier. Much heavier.

Bell Magic

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The Traverse City Craigslist has a 32 pound kevlar Bell Magic solo in new condition for $1000. There are 36 rave owner reviews of this canoe in the "review" section on here for its lightness, stability and handling. Would be a much better investment and weighs about 25 pounds less. You could carry this with one hand.

…than what?

Next slower and heavier than any current OT kayak? Vice-versa? I think you actually mean the Next is slower and heavier than other solo canoes (that cost more new), but that may not be clear to the OP. Or maybe I’m wrong?

Anyway, I have yet to actually see one or even see an actual user report.We all know that it’s heavy for a solo, but it’s performance on water still seems to be an unknown. Wouldn’t think it’s any slower than the current crop of OT kayaks when paddled by same paddler with same paddle, but that comparison hasn’t been published anywhere that I’m aware of yet.

Has anybody even gotten one wet yet?

Got it
Seen the bell but it was too long for what I wanted. It is only 10 pounds heavier than a similar boat in royalex. Mohawk only has 1 solo left and it has some minor delamination and 300 dollar shipping. Wenona fusion is about $1300 and cannot be found. So i bought it.

Ill give a report on it after I get it out a few times

You got the Next?

congrats on your new ride
I’ll be interested to hear what you think of it. I haven’t had a chance to see one myself and all the opinions I’ve read about it so far are speculation without any actual seat time in one.

It’s always looked a lot like an OT Pack to me. In fact I thought at one time it was going to be called the Pack Element, which implied to me some relationship. When it got changed to the Next I wasn’t sure how much of that was actual design change vs. marketing change.

It’ll be good to hear your impressions on the tracking, glide, and stability. I’m curious how stiff the hull is. (The Pack royalex hull will oil can when I’m in it.) Also wondering how comfortable the seat is. And of course, curious what the weight is with the seat.

Have fun with your new canoe.

The next
Went and picked it and a Camden, for the wife, up today. Came home grabbed the family and headed for Riffle River Rec. Area. Wind was out of the NE with gusts of about 15 but we spent 4.5 hours out there.

I cant compare it to other single seat canoes because I never paddled one. The Camden feels a little faster and catches the wind less but that is only going by “butt dyno”. The Next is light years ahead of the Radesson I have.

The Next will spin on a dime and goes just as easily backwards as forwards. Glides better than the kayaks, for me, and is really a lot of fun. Stability seems fine for me though that is subjective. Secondary stability is excellent, I leaned on the sides(within reason) and couldn’t get it to take on water. I am glad I spent the extra coin and did not get a kayak.

I let my son,age 9, take it out. He paddled it without a problem and even sat in the middle of the lake spinning it around (he thinks I need to get him one now).

What color did you pick?
There’s a couple in the showroom of a local sporting goods store (not a box store). I paddle a kayak, but the Next looks like a fun boat.

Glad you and your family are enjoying it.


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Welcome to the pack canoe world. There are about 30 different hulls made ranging from 9 to 16 feet in length, 12 to 60 lbs in weight. Most have flared cross sections, but 8, are tumblehomed, an advanced design. Whole-fleet costs run $1.1K through $3.5K.

Next is mid range in length, the heaviest and the lowest priced
pack canoe and it features tumblehome to improve ergonomics.

I think paddle selection is as or more important than hull selection. The shaft needs fit the hands holding it and keeping weight out of the blades is a focus as we are holding the blades in the air when paddling. Out of a budget of $1,100, I'd spend $250 on the paddle. Bending Branches, Epic, Fox, Grey Owl, Werner and others all make good ones. Paddles range from $50 to $500, so an extra hundred for a paddle makes about the same difference as five hundred in a boat.

I beleive the cheapest would be the OT Discovery 119 at about $700 or the Dicks OT Guid 119 at around $450. Mohawk Canoe has 1 Solo 13 left for about $800. Good deal on the Mohawk if you live close enough to pick it up.

Pack Canoes?

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Are those rigged as pack canoes, with low seats, back rests, footpegs?

Pack canoe
Nope. Good info. Didnt know that was part of what identified a pack canoe. Thought it was just a small, multi function, solo canoe.


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I maintain a several page dimensional comparison files on all solo canoes including pack canoes and a three page explanation of pack canoes done up for the ACA several months ago. Both are too long to drop in here, but I'll forward electronically to anyone interested.
Email me at charliewilson77@gmail.com for the files

Thanks for the report.
I think yours may be the first one here. Sounds like a decent, though heavy, solo canoe. How adjustable is the seat?