Old town Next question

We are pretty avid campers with a Thule roof rack and cargo box. Just curious if an old town next would sit securely in j hooks? It seems size-wise pretty much on par with a larger kayak. Weight wise, it falls well under the weight restrictions. Anyone have an experience with this?

You’ll catch a lot of wind and cross wind with a canoe on j bars.

J-bars prefer a “right” side up carry. Canoes collect water that way. If you have the rack radius, distance apart, it might work up side down.

Roof boxes…ours is too big for any boat on top with the box. Unless it was above the box. With that much gear we take the truck.

I have always hauled canoes AND usually my kayaks upside down directly on the rack. The only boats I will haul on my j-racks are my lightweight skin-on-frame and folding kayaks (all under 39 pounds). My instinct is that there is too much wind surface on a canoe to be safe hauling it at that angle on a j-rack, especially at highway speeds. I have a 13’ Curtis solo canoe that is only 32 pounds and I would NOT try to carry that on a J-rack.

The NEXT is not all that light – in fact at 59 pounds (and some are a few pounds heavier) it is darned heavy for such a short boat and heavier than many full sized plastic or composite sea kayaks. And, as has been mentioned, it will collect water if carried upright or angled in the rain.

No. The Next is much too deep (and shaped incorrectly) to sit in a J cradle kayak carrier. Upside down on its gunwales is the best and safest approach.