Looking at buying one used for $200. Is that a good price? It comes with a paddle and lifejacket. Thanks in advance. This site never lets me down.

If it is in good shape, yes
Jack L

depends on what you want
That’s about the going rate, at least in my neck of the woods, for that sort of boat (short rec kayak). If it is in good condition and suits your purposes, for instance if you are just looking for a pond floater, guest boat or something for the kids to play with, it isn’t a bad price. But if it isn’t what you need then the $200 would be better spend saving towards a more appropriate or versatile boat. Nothing is a bargain if it doesn’t suit what you want to do.

The life jacket is not necessarily
a plus if it does not fit you properly. Check that its not too big… Otherwise $200 is probably a good price.

Otter Kayak
I agree but I am looking to add a sit in kayak for the kids and me when it’s cold. I plan on buying a Ascend™ FS12T Sit-On-Top Angler Kayak - Sand for mr to add to my Ocean Scrambler XT angler. Kids seem to end up in my kayaks and I get the canoe. Trying to change that.

That was my first boat and sold 2, a
couple of years ago.

They’re a great beginner boat, very stable, and you they take a beating.

Nice little boat. If it’s “Polylink3”, that’s even nicer.