Old Town Otter Sport

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I just purchased an Old Town Otter Sport. It looks like the hull and deck are very similar to if not just like the Old Town Rush. I see a couple of reviews on this one mixed in with the Otters but wonder if it is an early version of the Rush or the same thing? Anybody know much about the differences? Not much on line for this one. It has a higher and flatter deck than the Otter. Has the foot braces, front deck gear webbing and padded folding seat. Thanks.


Welcome to Dick’s

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if you buy an Old Town Rush that doesn't have a paddle holder on the side and no rear rigging..then you are at Dick's and buying an Otter Sport. I have one. I don't exactly recomend it, but I am not getting rid of mine either. The boat has it's place, wich is on a slow to medium paced river.

The flat decks are handy to put a small deck bag on. Then it a oretty comfortable boat. Well the cockpit is a bit deceptive I feel. It is sort of big...looking like an easy entry like a standard Otter, but it is a bit smaller than that. and it is just a bit bigger than other boats, I know it isn't a WW kayak, but it could be closer to the body. Maybe one of these years I will out fit mine to fit a bit better. I already moved the seat back, like, two inches. For me, a world of difference. ALso that confortable high back seat is sitting in the garage. I almost forgot that I also took those toggle tug handles and added about four inches to them so that they stopped dragging in the water and were easier to both hold and use when I tie it in the truck bed.

well that is alot of information about my boat, I guess not too much about what you actually asked, ha ha.


It may have come from Dick’s Sporting Goods, not sure, I bought it used. It looks almost identicle to the Rush color and all. Lime and black. It came with a paddle too being it is used. I have enjoyed paddling a canoe for a long time and was wanting to try some rec kayaks for the rivers and creeks here in Kentucky. Mainly river runs on calm to class 2, maybe 3 now and then. I definately don’t want a white water kayak. Going to get some others for the rest of the family. Thanks for the info.