. OLD TOWN Outfitters Expedition 14 foot

I’m looking for a durable 2 person canoe for my wife and I to paddle our local lakes and rivers. mostly flat water. 2 are available locally, a 17 ft grumman std. and an . OLD TOWN Outfitters Expedition 14’. I am familiar with the grumman, but have not been able to find any info on the Outfitters [by Oldtown] . I have an Old Town Pack , but this looks like a different animal. any info? I guess it’s not made anymore.


Generally, 14 footers don’t make good
tandem flatwater boats. And from the pictures, I think that one might be a bit tippy or tender for your tastes. If you can lift and load the Grumman, it would be a better choice. Or, just wait and watch.