Old Town Pack Blem

Looking for an Old Town Pack Blem. I purchased my last canoe from Ozark River Company but I cannot get in touch with them. Does anyone know if they are still in business? Any suggestions on any other company that sells number two canoes?



Sierra Trading Post
on occasion.

No packs, just a few at the moment. They had some Bell Chestnut Prospectors awhile back…ummmm.


Ozark River Company
They sold their inventory and closed up shop not long after moving to Branson area. They were good people, bought a couple kayaks from them several years ago. WW

Old Town Factory
sells blems all the time

Guess you need a Maine vacation.

The factory has a big sale the first weekend in October.(I think I have the date right…I have never been…not needing an eigteenth boat right now)

Old Town
has a few sales per year. One in spring, around May, one the first weekend in September, and the others could be in Feb., Jan. but you’ll have to call the store in Old Town to find out the exact dates. At these sales they only sell blems, all their # 1 boats go to the dealers. At least that is what I am told.

They usually have lots of boats, you may not get exactly what you are looking for, but you’ll get something.

Try dealer locator

Just a thought.

Buffalow Canoes
In Jasper Arkansas - check them out.