Old Town Pack Canoe Repairs

It is rough, but water tight. My first thought was to add a bit more resin. It only weighs 31lbs which is wonderful compared to my other tubs.

First concern is the holes in the bow.
You can see daylight from the inside.

Is this even Royalex??

It looks like glass or Kevlar cloth to me. A Royalex canoe has a foam sandwich inbetween two layers.
Old Town made canoes of other materials… Is this a Pack or some other name? Old Town HIN numbers unfortunately have nothing to do with what model it is.

That looks like fiberglass roving covered with a layer of gel coat that has broken and abraded away. So you probably don’t have a Royalex boat after all. You are missing one character on your HIN. It should be 12 alphanumeric characters long. XTC is the manufacturers identification code (MIC) for Old Town. If the last 4 characters are correct, the boat was certified (built) in October of 1984 for the 1985 model year. There should be 5 characters between the MIC and the last 4 that are the serial number (which may or may not include a model code).

I refinished the thwart on mine. When reinstalling it, should the thwart be flush against the gunwale ? it is touching the inside edge, but there is a small gap toward the edge of the thwart/ outside edge of the gunwale. Almost like the inside edge of the gunwale is tilted down somewhat, rather than the surface of the gunwale being parallel with the surface of the thwart. I want to make sure I am doing it right.

pblanc: The five digits are 60883.

Well I know you’ve all waited all year for this update…HA,

Actually just found this thread from last year.

Turns out it is a Stillwater.

How do I know? I bought a 16’ Stillwater from the original owner and he had the sales brochure from the day he bought it.
I almost fell over, there was my red "not-a-pack canoe.

It’s about 2.5 hours away right now but I did replace both the seat and the grab bar from Ed’s.

Couldn’t tell you how comfy it is as my 12 year old claimed it for hers. Honestly have not been in the boat since!!!

She on the other hand has spent hours in it at our camp.

Me happy!