old town pack canoe VS discovery 119

hi all.

240 pound man here looking at solo canoe.

i got yaks and have paddle canoes before.

anyone try both th pack canoe and the discovery 119.

the deference bet them…?

cause there is a huge deference in price.

any taught guys.?


Look at their weight and material, pack is royalex and light about 33 pounds.

What’s more important to you, $ or lbs?

pack vs discovery
both are important.

but i want to no the ride itself …comparing them…how is the stability…one is deaper then the other…etc.

iams her some did try them boat and compare them.

othetr then price and weight.



those are both very small solo canoes. How will you be using them.

look in the gear guides
on this site and compare them. I have the disco 119 and love it, once I got the seat adjusted to I did not slide out of it, It weighs 48 lbs. I solo and just got back froma trip, I carry enought gear to be comfortable,