Old Town Pack Canoe

I am considering purchasing an Old Town Pack. Does anyone own this canoe and how do you like it?



Don’t own it.
Have used one briefly and liked it. I haven’t paddled an Old Town canoe yet that I haven’t liked. Perhaps I’m not particular. Perhaps Old Town makes a good product. Perhaps some combination of the two.

That said, there’s a reason Old Town’s Pack design has been around forever.

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Old Towne Pack
I purchased mine about 4 years ago. I,ve used it in most conditions except whitewater. Mostly I fish from it on lakes, streams and tributeries going into the Chesapeake Bay. The one change I made was I lowered the seat. I use a Sit- Backer and with that in place I sat up to high. Lowering the seat made it more comfortable and stable. Hope that helps you.

Pack Canoe…
Look in the " Review" section. There is a lot of reviews for the Pack. Most people love them. I didn’t. I felt too cramped in it and it doesn’t track well, which you will see in the reviews. However, I had never tried a double bladed paddle. That probably would have helped. My Pungo kayak is much more stable and much more comfortable.

I have an OT Disco 119, 43 lbs. Very similar to the Pack. I use a double paddle for speed and in the wind, single blade for fun, and drier, carry both. Lowered the seat and moved it forward a bit. Really makes it more stable. Use a sitbacker seat AND a gel seat, really helps. Great boat. I am 61, 238 lbs.

I am looking at a OT Penobscot 16RX 58 lbs, to paddle solo. Should be faster and more stable. Just a thought.

I also have a Loon 120 yak, very nice, but prefer canoes. Have had many over the years.

I owned a OT Pack
for a couple of years. I also found it to be a bit cramped for fishing. I replaced it with a We-No-Nah Vagabond for fishing lakes and streams.

Old Town
I had one years ago (it was stolen from my yard). There is a reason why this model has been in continuous production for all these years. It is a fantastic small canoe. You won’t be dissapointed.

OT Pack
I have an OT Pack…it’s a wonderful boat. Really versatile, light weight. I think you’ll enjoy it.