old town pack

Has anyone fish in old town’s solo canoe, the pack? I would like to get a small solo and this one fits my budget

I fished out of a Pack for a number of years. Tracks poorly, maneuvers well, decent initial stability, OK secondary stability, light weight is a real plus. Definitely a serviceable craft for fishing in streams with up to Class II rapids if you are a proficient canoeist, but not the best choice in my opinion. (I now own a Wenonah Vagabond and consider it a much better solo fishing canoe.) Not a very good choice for lakes because it takes a lot of effort to get somewhere on flat water. Bottom line…if you are fishing small to medium size streams, you’ll probably be happy with the Pack, and it will work for small lakes.

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The Pack is a great little fishing canoe. Excellent initial stability, pretty solid secondary stability. I've had it over to the gunwales and was able to hold it there then recover.
Tracks very well with a double blade, but if you are single blading it your best bet is the sit and switch method rather than j-stroking it. Manuvers very easily. A single sweep stroke will have you spun around 90 degrees. I will double blade it when traveling between fishing holes, then use the single for manuvering once I'm there.
It will hold a lot of gear with it's 400 lb. capacity. Super easy to carry. It's so light you can just sling it over one shoulder. I pad the gunwale with a piece of pool noodle foam and could carry the canoe a mile or so very easily this way.
It does oilcan a bit, due to it's light weight, that's never bothered me. On a hot day, after it's been sitting in the sun awhile, I can flex the hull near the bow and stern quite easily just by squeezing it with my hand. In the review section here some folks have used a closet rod to stiffen it up a bit.
I've used mine on small lakes and large, up some little creeks too. It's a great canoe for getting into backwater areas for some gunkholing. It will handle some rougher water pretty well. I've had it out in conditions where I was sure it would take on some water but she rode high and dry.
My son commandeers the one I have now most of the time when we go fishing together in solos (I'm "stuck" soloing my Penobscot, works great as a solo canoe). I like the Pack enough that I'll be getting a second one pretty soon.

Old Town Pack
I posted a quick review and a photo at http://outdoorsbest.zeroforum.com/zerothread?id=318789

I love this little boat for what I purchased it for, standing up and sight casting to fish on the flats.

Here is a link to a photo of a couple of friends standing in my Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 and Old Town Pack. http://ospreybay.com/images/Tournament/2005/DSC_0061.JPG and another of just David sitting in the pack. http://ospreybay.com/images/Tournament/2005/DSC_0070.JPG

Pack enhancements
Thanks to Chrystal’s input during a visit to our club last year, Steve Lee - the leader of our Puddlers “Pack” - came up with a customization for his Pack that has been adapted by nearly all the dozen or so members that have these small craft. Check it out:


The Pack in it’s native state has below par tracking and stability. The addition of outriggers, and use of a double-bladed canoe paddle greatly improve both. Stand-up stability is achieved … at least for those of us who are stability-challenged. This boat really moves well with a trolling motor, too.

OTC Pack
Great little fishing boat, light weight, easy to portage. I suggest replacing the cane seat with the web seat. The web seat will last much longer.

Great boat, wonderful to fish from, but in a heavy chop you will want to sit on the bottom and use a kayak paddle. It does oil can, but I watched my wife resuce a swimmer with a cramp from a rock in the middle of the Trinity River, both my wife and the swimmer were small women, but that what you want if you own a pack anyway.