Old Town Pack

I recently bought a used OT Pack in excellent condition for a steal. Just dropped the seat 4" and what a HUGE difference!

the Pack is a sweet little boat. I have one of Ed’s contour seats in mine mounted fairly high. Mine spends quite a bit of time serving as a fishing & photography platform.

I can’t stand low seat positions, just too darned hard to get in and out of the boat and I don’t like my knees higher than my belly button. You can solve the same stability issues in the Pack by moving the seat forward a few inches, if the low seat position bothers you, and also make the Pack a little better tracking.

Did you take a look at the
Nessmuk canoe by Hemlock Canoe Works, offered in the current sweepstakes?

To me, Old Town doesn’t know how to make a decent short canoe. The Pack is a puck, a hockey puck.

That Hemlock Nessmuk will run double rings around an OT Pack.

there are better solo canoes out there than the Pack, but it’s serviceable, and you can have a lot of fun in one. I owned one for quite a while, and took it on everything from medium size lakes to class II rivers. If the price was right, he’ll probably enjoy it. And in a few more years, as a Royalex canoe, it’ll become a collector’s item :slight_smile:

I’d like to see you run the Nantahala in
a pack. Real class 2, one after another.

This was my first solo, 13 feet, 29"
beam. Why would one want a smaller canoe than this? It cost me $350 in 1973.


Why would one want a Pack instead of a good-performing canoe like this one? It was plenty stable for fishing or carousing kids, too.

OT Pack
I picked this baby up for $300…. It hasn’t left my roof top and I have paddled it a bit now and really enjoying it. Using a double blade paddle which gives me WAY more control. It even has inspired me to break out my fishing gear since I haven’t fished in 20 years… I had heard of people moving the seat forward, might have to try that.

Was at the OT dealer today drooling over the Penobscott 16 RX… My next purchase! Might even go for the 17 RX?