old town penobscot 16

Any idea what a 12-15 yr old old town penobscot 16 is worth?

Some sun fade otherwise in great shape.

Color is blue.

I think I paid $800.00 for it in 1993.

Thanks for your help.

$400 maybe. The market will tell.

Depends on condition and who wants one.
Was it new when you bought it in 93? Did you store it inside? $400 is a fair asking price if it’s sound. We got ours with 2 PFDs and 2 Bending Branches Arrow paddles for $425. 10 miles from our house. 20 yrs old, but in excellent condition. Just what we needed at the time. Still have it.

I like the old ones
They seem better than the new ones.

old town penobscot 16
Thanks Pam,

I appreciate your information.

I’ve stored it inside but previous owners left it out to fade.

I have a tugboat hubby who would like to learn paddling too but we may need to sell the canoe…

See you,


$US 600
Every boat and every regional market is different, but right now I’m considering a scratched up OT Appalachain for $US 600 and I recently bought an NC Prospector in good shape and with a skirt and sail for something like $US 750.

If it’s in good shape, I’d think it would sell pretty quickly for $400, you might want to list it higher.


mine was worth $500
Sold mine for $500 a couple of years ago. It had mahogany trim. So maybe you want to ask $500 and take $400.