Old Town Penobscot 164 as a Solo?

I’m looking for a solo tripping canoe made from polyethylene. I want a high volume tandem hull, but one that will be managable as a solo most of the time. I really like the Nova Craft Prospector 16, which measures 15’4". There is a dealer me but there shipment of canoes keeps getting delayed. They did get some OT Penobscot 164’s in which is a canoe that I like. Has anyone paddled one solo on river trips, rapids, open water, wind, loaded up, etc. That boat seems like it would be getting to long to be easily manageable. It would be used mostly on Northern MN lakes, ponds, rivers, and creeks. This would include some large bodies of water, small windy creeks, and a mixture of rapids.

I think it would work fine. I have gone solo in some much larger boats on rivers and lakes.
Consider adding a solo seat and rearranging your thwarts. Then you would need a removable center thwart for portaging.