Old Town Poly kayak

Can anybody tell me how the Old Town Poly kayaks hold up against bumping into rocks, and sliding over them? I am torn between buying a Pongo which I know can fall off a car, and an Old Town. Thanks

The OT should be
very durable yaks for rock riding. Most of the poly boats avalible should be good for scrapes and rough work. The OT boats might be the best as they have thicker hulls than other boats.

Old Town Very Tough
I have or have had 4 different brands of Poly kayaks and OT’s layup is by far the thickest and toughest. Our kayaks are used pretty much exclusively on rocky Ozark streams. Only kayak that I can pull up on a gravel bar, then sit my 260 lbs on the deck! WW

Rented an OT once
and the poly was very strong. I used it in a setting conducive to bumping into rocks, logs, etc.

depends on angle
Polys damage in different ways depending on how they hit. Straight on bumps = no problem, slides and scrapes = scuffs and scars, shearing and slicing can make deeper wounds. The worst damage my OT Loon has sustained was from putting it in the slings under the patio roof. I scraped it on the bottom right angle of a metal rafter and pealed off a thin ribbon under the bow. No great damage, just disconcerting to see a piece of yak dangling off of the roof. Besides, that’s where you are supposed to store boats isn’t it? Patio - paddle, kind of has a ring to it.


I have a Loon 111
thats made many of the same rocky ozark trips as WW.

It has it’s share of scrapes, gouges and scratches, all cosmetic/ minor/ insignificant. Have not used the others, but the OT is made of tough stuff.

OT Boats
I use both their canoes and kayaks. Their poly is very tough. I owned a WS boat and found the plastic on their boats pretty thin and floppy, easily dented and scarred.

thanks for all your answers. It has been a geat help.

I have a Perception
and found it has a thinner hull than the OT loon . Both work great for riding gravel and rocks. I think so of it is the perct. has more flex to it. going on 3 yrs. of abuse to my percpt. and no real damage.