Old Town Polylink Oil Canning

Hi all, just purchased an older Old Town Discovery 174. There’s a large “oil canning” warp on the bottom near the middle of the canoe. Aside from wedging a cooler under here when using the canoe as a temporary solution, is there a way to permanently un-warp the Old Town Polylink 3 material? TIA!

I have a OT Guide 147 and it was stored on a wood pile and had a huge hog/oil can in the bottom of the hull. I was told it wouldn’t change the way it worked but I wanted to correct it if I could. I made a brace to go gunwale to gunwale with a half inch hole in the center and another for the hull floor running length wise about 3’long. I used a piece of .5” all thread rod and some nuts and washers to jack the hog out. I let it sit out in the sun upside down on saw horses for a couple weeks and when I removed it the original shape was back and it stayed. The plastic has a memory. When I store the canoe for the winter my plan is to put it back in.

Here is what the bottom looks like now and I do have a picture of the first try at it if I find the photo I will post it.

I have some foam blocks and I have also wedged them in to shape the hull when it is just sitting. :canoe: