Old Town Predator C160 Canoe?

Anyone every heard of the Old Town Predator C160 canoe? I saw one pop up on Marketplace for a decent price, looks like it’s in good shape. Camo finish, webbed seating. I can find virtually no information on this boat via Google, was wondering if anyone here has heard of it or has experience with it.

The chine on the bottom leads me to believe that it might be more stable than my Disco 169 (as if stability improvement is needed over that barge), so it might make a great fishing boat. Don’t want to pull the trigger on a lemon that got phased out quickly, though.


It is a hunting, fishing, photography boat. I found lots of info on this model just by searching for Old Town Canoe Predator C160.


Thanks for the link, but to be more specific, I am looking for reviews, user experiences, etc. That kind of info on this boat appears to be rather scant.

It is 41” wide and a fairly flat bottom so my guess is it would be a great calm water fishing boat or all around stable canoe. It won’t do well with waves or being able lean and rock when turning. Lots of primary stability and little secondary stability.

What will you be using it for?

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Thanks, Bud. Those are my thoughts as well. I’d mostly be using it for fishing and overnighters on flatwater and lazy rivers.

Unfortunately, when I messaged the seller, she already had a buyer lined up. Figures - it was a great price.

Same around here, they go fast.

The old saying (The time to buy it is when you see it.) is really true and the way I fly. If something is a good deal I grab it and if it ends up being wrong for me I flip it and sometimes make a few bucks. Even if you break even or go backwards a little at least you had a chance to try it.

I think it would have been good for your needs and actually mine as well as it sounds like we do the same type of paddling.