Old Town - Predator Kayak 111 or 140

I just wanted input on either one of the Predator Kayaks 111 or 140 … I want a kayak that I can hunt and fish from. I really like how they look - but its not all about that… Thanks Nick

Check with ShenandoahRiverRat

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He paddles a K111. He liked it so well that he bought another one. I've not paddled it, but I've been with him when he was paddling it. It seems like a capable craft for fishing. He's run up to a straight-forward Class III wave train in it when I've been with him. I've also paddled flatwater with him using that boat. Either way, he seemed to be always in control (well, most always) and comfortable.

It would help to know what kind of water you're paddling for providing a specific recommendation. K140 would be too long for most of the water I paddle. But it might be just right for what you intend to paddle.

- Big D

If you carry a lot of gear…decoys, etc
the 140 is big and has lots of room. The 140 is a Twin Otter set up for solo paddling. The 111 is the Old Town Loon 111, classic. The new 111 doesn’t have as large a cockpit, the Loon 111 Classic retains the big cockpit. The 111 is going to be the easier paddle, though the 140 will carry more.

What jerl said…
The Predetor/Loon 111 is a nice boat, suprisingly fast and will handle up to strong class II water (with the skills) and even technical water as well, if ya work on your lean. I own both models. I wouldn’t try to hunt out of it because of it’s size though. No room for decoys or a good Chesapeke Retrevier…nor the days ‘results’ Go with the 148 or even consider the 168 (if they still make the big’n)if you’re bringing along that doggie help-mate or a buddy.

Save the 111/Predator for fishing. In that area, they excell.


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Thanks for the input...

I own the predator K140
I have the Predator K140 and I love it…Lots of room for gear if you take a weeklong expedition or just an weekend camping trip. For lake and river fishing (no swiftwater) it can’t be beat for it’s stability. The “gear holder” it comes with (front deck) is great to keep your tackle boxes in the zippered compartments and it comes with a removable fishing rod holder. I’d never get rid of this boat and if I had to I’d buy another…hope this helps…what will you be needing the boat for?

A friend is lending me his Loon 138T,
converted for solo use this weekend. Huge cockpit, it’s at my house right now. The cockpit appears to the 1 1/2 times as long on my pre2006 Loon 138. Looks like a great hunting or fishing craft. You may want to take a look at one if you can find it used. The tandem model may be out of production, though the 160 Tandem Loon isn’t.

Fishing/Hunting/ Get Away Trips
I want to be able to take this out for long trips on the river. Fish and be able to carry items. I have a dog in training and would like to use this at times for hunting… Maybe I’m trying to make one kayak do more than its designed for…

shouldn’t be a problem

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That shouldn't be a problem...I could EASILY fit enough camping, fishing and hunting gear for a weekend trip in it ALONG with a dog riding right behind the seat!! The K 140 is extremely stable and suprisingly manuverable even with the boat loaded down. This is an awesome all around boat for the money. I use mine for week-long fishing/camping trips...never taken it hunting (I'm not into duck hunting).any more questions about the predator k140 let me know....I can give you more info if you want it. You're smart to do your research on it like this b4 you buy

By the way, I'm a pretty big guy--6 foot, 280 lbs.--and when I load down the boat with my camping and fishing gear it is still fast and manuverable("turn on a dime"). I have plenty of room to stretch out in it and don't feel crammed in at all. Just about the only critique I have about it is the foot pegs seem a little cheap, but they work just fine and are easy to adjust.
I paddle on small to medium sized lakes (around 100 acres or less) and small to medium sized rivers with some tricky "corners"/sharp bends and turns and never even once came close to tipping or having trouble with handling the boat.

The K140 is a tandem disguised as a
solo boat. Probably really better suited as a solo. It’ll easily hold a 80-90lb dog and gear for several days camping.

Thanks again…
I haven’t found that money tree yet… So I’m trying to do my research before I spend my money… Thanks for all the input…

Good All Around Boat
The Old Town loon 138 is a great all around boat. I fish and do some weekend camping out of mine. I just heard about hunting out of them so i’m going to give that a try. It is one of the most stable baots of all time. I love it. I have cuaght tons of fish and taken a couple of 4 day trips and had room to spare in my boat. I have had my 60 pound lab in the cockpit with me and never felt like i would flip. I definatly suggest looking in to this great boat.

Preditor 111
Getting back to the Preditor 111. How does this compare to the Dirigo for fishing.

either does the job. The Dirigo has
a flat stern deck, that’s nice for carrying things. And, at least at my Gander Mtn, it had a hatch. But, the price is a bit more and its up to you to decide whether the bells and whistles are worth it. As for paddling, I haven’t paddled either, my kayak is a 138, but I’m betting they paddle about the same. Loons are noted for tracking true and the Dirigo profile looks much the same. An added benefit of the Loon is you may find one used at a good price. The Dirgo’s aren’t discounted as much used yet.