Old Town Replacement Parts Question

I am in need of replacing the seats, thwart, and probably the yoke as well on a Old Town Discovery 164. I sent an email a few minutes ago to Old Town (they are very responsive) but this forum may be a better place to ask. I’m wondering of there are specific sites that cater to canoe parts.


Sounds like we are in the same boat! Only mine is canadienne

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Ed’s Canoe: https://www.edscanoe.com/

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Thanks for the link

Ed’s is a good source for seats, thwarts, yokes and other canoe parts.

Essex Industries is another: https://www.essexindustries.org/

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Old Town is famous for the hex head bolts and some slight variations in their design of thwarts and seats. I have ordered from Ed’s and Essex and both are excellent replacements.

I am tired of replacing wicker seats in all but the wood and canvas canoes. Now I use the black webbing seats. The curved ones are good.

I have been getting mine from a place in Canada via E Bay and they look fantastic. Check them out before you go anywhere else. They look so nice I almost cried when I had to drill or cut them.

Here’s a shot of a Disco 174 I just did with them.

I took your advice and ordered the ebay set. I haven’t installed yet but it sure does look like a high quality ash set. Very impressed and under $200 delivered for 2 web seats, thwart, and yoke is a great price.

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Glad you like them. They do great work. Did you go look the canoes on their website? The are drop dead gorgeous.

I am getting ready to order another set to re-do my Bell Morning Star.

Their canoes look fantastic!