Old Town Sailing Canoe

If anyone is interested. I posted a Windows movie of restoring my 1964 Old Town. Enjoy.



Beautiful boat, beautiful job
I had one once that I picked up in Maine. It had been nicely restored by an old timer and stored in the Marina next to him. The original owner never picked it up or payed his bill on it so they sold it to me for it’s storage fee. It had been completely restored minus needing a sail which unfortunately I never got so I was never able to sail it. I managed to get it to a number of lakes, but it was a bear to car top and not owning a garage I was always struggling to find a place to store it for the winter so I eventually traded it for a demo Verlin Krueger Sawyer Monarch, a predecessor to his Sea Wind. It is hard to beat a wood canvas or stripper for sheer beauty and some of those OT wood canvas hulls were pretty dam fast in the local racing circuit.

canoes paddle like no other. They cut the water, not ride on top. This canoe paddles very nice and also solos really well. It’s a blast to sail too. You’re right, they are pretty heavy, but as soon as its in the water, you dont know it. I trailer this canoe but I need to set up my trailer to hold it better.

Nice work
Canoe looks great!

They make canoes out of other stuff???