Old Town Sandpiper

Can ANYONE tell me the weight and dimensions of this boat? I’ve searched the web 'till I’m cross-eyed, and can’t find this info. A little disappointed Old Town itself doesn’t offer anything, even though the boat is discontinued. But that didn’t stop me from buying one, for the princely sum of $40.

Be very grateful for any help you can give.

got it

The specs are all the way down on the bottom of the page. This was the 3rd listing on the goog. Nice score, by the way. I love seeing people (especially me) get a yak cheap.

Many Thanks
I know, I know. Visited it twice, maybe three times and didn’t see it. And even if I had, I’d have probably passed because of its new name (something I just learned).

Yes, an excellent piece of luck. I was, and still am, looking at either a Native Marvel 10 or Old Town Dirigo XT 106 when this fell into my lap.

FYI-The year of manufacture is the
last two numbers in the serial number.

Year of Manufacture
Great to know that! Many thanks.

Wow, what a great deal! I looked at the
Sandpiper a few years ago but the price was too high.

I agree
Fellow wasn’t clear on when he bought it, but said he’d paid $300 new. I wouldn’t have been interested at a third of that, but then again I was (and am)focused on a sit-in. The guy is a merchant to whom my wife has given a lot of business and who is selling everything and moving. That, and a good friendship, accounts for the lucky price. I see from reviews on this site others have had a great time with it, and I’m sure I’ll do likewise, despite wanting to have a camera with me.

When I first saw it in his back yard, it looked so small, and when I turned it over, it felt light as a feather. Sure didn’t feel that way when I hoisted on top of the car and carried it to the back of the garage, though, :slight_smile: