Old Town Serial Number

Any way to know if a serial number can assist in age, etc. of an Old Town canoe.

SN: XTC87768L203


Age is last two digits
The last two digits of the serial number is the production year of the boat. The model years usually run August to August so it’s more of a fiscal year. Old Town should be able to trace the number exactly if need be.

not if its a boat since the mid 80’s

Older models are aged using this chart.


But you ought to be able to tell if its a since the 80’s boat or a 1923 boat.

In modern times the last numbers are the month and year of manufacture.

E-mail Old Town
I did a couple of months ago and got a response within a few days. They gave me the original build slip for the boat and a catalog page for the boat. Turns out mine was built in the mid-70s.