Old Town Serial Numbers

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I'm thinking of going and looking at a canoe that is for sale. First I'm trying to get the seller to e-mail me the serial number. My question to yall is: How do I determine the mfg. date and the model of the canoe from the serial number?

Email WCHA
I don’t think you can figure it out from the number - it’s just a consecutive number starting at some point in the company’s history.

The Wooden Canoe Heritage Association will get back to you pretty quickly with a scan of the original build record. A buddy of mine has them all on his computer and is one of members who provide that free service (it would be nice to thank them by joining, however).

Here is the link to info on getting these records:


Cheers, Alan

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This helps for the date

but not the model.For that(and the build record) For that you will need the help of Benson or Kathryn at WCHA.

try calling Old Town and …
… ask to speak with someone who can help you identify the canoe by the number and discription .

You didn’t say an old wooden canoe , so I’m talking all Old Town’s other boats .

Heck , they sent me the cataloge ad w/specs in 10 mins. for a 1984 canoe , while we were talkin .

OT in Orono, ME
They provided me with the original ink stamped card listing the date each step of construction was complete for a 1936 boat with integrated sponsons. They also sent a copy of the catalog page my boat was described on. Amazing record keeping puts motor vehicle to shame!

Give this a try

If you can get the number it may give you some information, or call Old Town.

The WCHA is a better resource
thanks for the discussion. I pulled out the Old Town CD complete catalog collection(that WCHA sells) from 1901-1993 and got lost for a couple of hours last night.


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Thanks for all the helpful replies.
The seller is balking about e-mailing the serial number to me. It's a long drive to look at the canoe.
I checked out the sites yall provided. Thanks again to all of you.

Red flag
Kind of makes one wonder why he’s reluctant to provide it. Could it be hot?

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.
In case it is NOT stolen, maybe telling the seller of that suspicion would prompt him to provide the number. Maybe the only reason he doesn’t want to do it is because it’s just too much effort to pull the boat out of a storage spot with poor access so he can read it.

Sounds like the OT Cascade

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heres reviews


You are going to have to look at this anyway. It could be great or really used.

Benson at WCHA might still be of help even though there are no royalex trees....

You’re right Medic

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I'm gonna have to look at it. It might be a great deal. If not, I'll just go Christmas Shopping while I'm out.
I should know all by this time tomorrow.

It was advertised as an Old Town 16 foot whitewater canoe, good condition. In a follow up e-mail, it was said to be a mid 90’s model, fore runner to the Appalachian.

Turns out it is a Mohawk, built in '85, poor condition.

How can people be so dishonest?

rediculous isn’t it …
… it would get me a tad pissed , to find out I had spent time and effort on a goose chase with this seller … but what can ya do , best to just let the whole wasted time thing go and think no more about , if that’s possibble .

Some people ???

Paul Schurke info@dogsledding.com, Ely MN

A lot of people just don’t know what they are talking about. They are not making life hard for you on purpose.