Old Town Serial # question

Here’s the serial number:


I think that the last 3 numbers mean it was mfg in May 2005. Is this correct? Maybe the X means Royalex? Any other conclusions I can draw from the other numbers? Thanks

XTC=Johnson Outdoors

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the last numbers as you concluded are the date of mfr and Old Town has never made the inbetween numbers mean anything in terms of model

They just number sequentially.


March, not may

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The last four figures give you month, year and model year - C505 is March of 2005 with a 2005 model year boat.

Most manufacturers shift to the next model year beginning in September or so, so a boat with J506 would mean a boat built in October (J) 2005 but as a 2006 model.

And the first three letters are unique to every manufacturer - as previously noted, XTC is Old Town. As a trivial note, Zodiac inflatables is XDC - apparently both companies had similar ideas when the Coast Guard started requiring the 12 digit format.

(and now, of course, I'm going through and trying to remember who else is what - WEM for Confluence, XKA for Ocean Kayak, MFP for Wenonah, DAQ for the old Daggers, WKY for the old Wildys....;-)

Give ‘em a call.
Just call the guys at Old Town. They’re really friendly and helpful.

When I found a 16’ Penobscot for sale, I called with the serial number.

They gave me the year and material!

Turns out I found a Royalex and only paid $450!!!

from somewhere on Colorado’s Continental Divide…