Old Town Stillwater 12 canoe - poly?


on ebay Germany I saw a canoe OT Stillwater, 360 cm long, 86 cm wide, made from polyethylene. There is a sticker “Patended Super Link 3 Polyethylene”. Anybody knows this canoe? In the web I only found a fiberglass stillwater which is 41 inches wide. May be the boat is the same as OT Discovery 119?

You can see the boat here: http://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/kanu,-kanadier/411980114-187-2918

Thank you very much from Germany

for more informations!

Hard to tell exactly from the pictures
, but it looks like a Disco 119

What was sold as a Stillwater in the US was a tandem 12’or 14’ long and 39" or 41" wide and was made of fiberglass. It was designed for pond or lake fishing. It was a real pig to paddle.

The Disco 119 is 11’ 8" x 32.5" and is one seat and two thwarts.

Stillwaters Used To Be…
…fiberglass, but I’m pretty sure that’s poly? As already mentioned, it’s got to be the same as the 12’ Disco:


Old Town name game
Old Town has used many names on different canoes at different times and for different retailers. The popular Pemobscot line got several rebadged Discovery models for Gander mountain and Dick’s sporting goods stores. No reason to think they would treat the European market any differently. The subject canoe is definitely what we have in the USA as the 119 Discovery. It is not the fiberglass balsa wood reinforced 12’ tandem canoe known here as the 12’Stillwater.

The 119 hull is a nice paddling general recreational solo canoe. In its original royalex form as the 12’Pack it was a light simple solo that was easy to handle. The Poly-Link3 version in the Discovery line became the 119.

Disco 119
Ok, it seems to be an OT Disco 119. I’ve paddled one last year and was pleased. I will contact the seller and take a look on this boat, it’s only 50 miles from my home.

Thank you very much!