Old Town Stillwater, how to fix wavy fiberglass under gunwales

I just picked up a OT Stillwater in Tucson and it appears in very good condition except it is very faded and the fiberglass is very “wavy” just under the gunwales. Wavy may not be the correct term but wavy it is, to the point of only touching the rubberized gunwales where a pop rivet passes through. My initial idea was to replace the flimsy Old Town gunwales with real ash on both inner and outer wales, sandwiching the fiberglass tight in the middle. But I am not a boat expert, and was hoping someone before me had already been through this problem and found the correct repair for it. If I sure would be glad to hear about it. Thanks in advance, Larry

I’m sure someone here has seen that problem, or at least can offer some advice, but a picture or two would really help!

Just put extra rivets in… Its a utility fishing canoe… My neighbors have the same beast… The gunwales will not break. Buff out the fading with compound.

I would not want to add another seven lbs to an already heavy boat. Gunwales are pretty expensive unless you can mill your own…