more than 60,000 units a year
the OT store only sells direct only a few thousand units a year. Consumers pay more when buying direct than dealers pay wholesale Johnson won’t be closing that store and day soon…can you say cash cow

Found the New Store
Thanks everyone for your kind help I feel much better now.

By the way the Store Manager is a woman as well as the Assistaint Manager. Go Old Town Canoe!!!

Just Moved from what I was told
Just attended a kayak demo 06/18/06 that had old town salespeople attending. They mentioned that they were moving to a larger location in Orono. The store location just didn’t have enough room.

OH!!! MY GOD!!!
I heard today that that the landlord at the old location told them to get the hell out cause they couldn’t pay the rent. Things must be getting tough at Old Town Canoe. OH MY GOD!!! THEY OPENED THE NEW STORE IN ONE OF THEIR WAREEHOUSES AWAY FROM DOWNTOWN. THEY’RE DESPERATE!!! OH MY GOD!!! IT MUST BE TRUE!!!

Have you ever done it on the deck of a free floating touring kayak, and lved to tell about it???

Paddling goes well beyond water sports… I have to go now Where’s my paddle…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Do you live near Old Town??