I went to buy a new paddle today at the Old Town Canoe Factory Store at the factory. IT’S CLOSED! OUT OF BUSINESS!


Does Perception have a factory store???

store closing
The store at the Old Town Canoe Factory? I heard it was being moved.

It was closed
A guy in the parking lot said it had gone out of business at that location. Moving to Mexico I bet OH MY GODDDD!!!

Like to be paddled???

Didn’t recognize your screen name as being one of the regular posters on p.net and so out of habit I clicked on your profile. Got a good chuckle out of your Comment Section that reads:


I love to paddle and be paddled.

Well . . . . .

Good paddling to ya, and welcome to the p.net message boards. And oh ya, almost forgot, sorry to hear that your store closed.


Could be worth the trip…
…from CT to Maine!!!

Sorry to hear it moved south like so many other businesses out to make a buck off cheap labor. I just wish our Government would look beyond kickbacks and backroom payoffs to start putting HEAVY TARIFFS on goods from American companies that do this.

Sorry to detract from your post, kayakcutie.


Oh Oh Oh Poor Maine
First LL Bean becomes a boutique, and now this! Someone told me that the Maine State Parks System might put electricity into some of their camp sites! Maine is becoming a disaster area! Call FEMA!

Recent Visit to an Orvis Store
I recently got a shock from visiting a new Orvis store that had opened in my area. Well it was a huge clothing store with a a wall dedicated to rods and fishing gear. There was no one there to help with the fishing gear, but the had three ladies there to help sell the clothes. Men’s pants were $79!!! They had a decent selection of rods and realls but nothing compared to the real Orvis store I visited out west years ago. They even had a few canoes, a guide boats, and a fishing dory. But except for the two plasict canoes the boats were more displayed as decorations as a backdrop to the sporty clothing.

Orvis now appears to be a clothing shop for the wealthy.

As a kid I had aspired to own a couple of Orvis rods, but now their rods and reels are no better than what others offer.

Re: Orvis
Orvis seems to be pretty much pricey production line stuff. For a nice handmade rod with an outstanding warranty checkout Thomas and Thomas.


Not cheap, but you get what you pay for.

What exactly
are you advanced at?


Mexico, ME…?
China, Paris and Norway are also in ME. Hopefully, one of those places…


Have no fear
The OT store has been consolidated to the Johnson Outdoors Outlet in Bingamton, NY. It used to be the Eureka tent outlet, now they have everything, Tents, packs, boats.

Arkatents in Mena, Ar also is selling OT blems and seconds.

Orvis has been
an overpriced clothing shop most places for 20 years. So are Bass Pro, Cabellas and Gander. Some of the franchises have stuck to only carrying quality gear and some clothing, but the company owned stores have been that way for a long time. Fortunately the Orvis here in Dallas has stuck to basics although the clothing racks are getting bigger and larger in number.

Orvis’ original store in Houston was a
great fly tackle store back in the day when Orvis was almost the only game for quality fly stuff. That store is still ok, but the one they opened up in the Woodlands just North of Houston is crap, nothing but cloths and almost no fly fishing equipent. And, I was hoping. It was relatively close and I hate to buy online, prefer to handle the merchandise.

Rumors and BS
The Old Town Factory store moved up the road 1.5 miles to an old shoe store/factory. The new place has way more room to show their boats and other gear. It was to open this past Monday.

Old Town Canoe…
Like the old saying goes, “you never forget your first” , canoe or kayak that is. Thanks to Old Town for providing me with good quality boats at affordable prices which allowed me to enjoy so many paddling hours of pleasure and contentment. Long live OLD TOWN!


OT kayaks?
Trying to stay within the subject of Old Town here…I know many will suggest OT as far as canoes. How do their kayaks fare?

that’s a good point…
I know many here paddle OT yaks so I’m hesitant to diss them but I have always felt that OT has long enjoyed an impressive reputation for well-built canoes. I think many yak shoppers felt that anything OT made had to be good, but they have had quality control & other issues with some of their yak models. Good plastic though.

Not rumors my friend
Got it right from Johnson Outdoors. The new OT store that you are speaking of may or may not be kept open either from what they were telling me. They claim its actually cheaper for them to sell the blems and seconds to dealers at a discounted price than to keep a store open with all the associated costs.

Not so

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I spoke with the store manager in person as I went in there to buy a skirt. He gave me the skinny and directed me to the "new" outlet store up the road. Sure enough they were in the new place bringing in all the accessories. The guys there told me they were opening this past Monday. Haven't been back yet, but why would they lie?

I fail to see how it is cost effective to ship boats around the country when you have a store located 3 blocks from the factory. The parking lot was usually full whenever I went there with at least three people loading boats on their vehicles.