Old Town Tripper 172 Value

 I know this is a tough call without actually seeing the boat....but I am trying to get a ballpark value on this boat. It is approximately 7-8 years old, paddled almost exclusively on a lake, and has a few scratches from one river trip. It does have some fading from being in the sun, but otherwise is in excellent condition. The new 17' Trippers list for $1,449. Any assistance would be appreciated.

saw a nice condition 17’ Tripper …

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...... up on eBay recently , had a start price of 300. ... it didn't get one bid . I think it was dealer who took it as a trade in .

I would have given the seller 300. without a 2nd thought , too bad it was far away from in Fl. .

450. - 550. for one in nice condition would be what I would pay ... if it's got the older "flat" seats (probably not at 7-8 yrs. old) , you'll be wanting to do something about that (they can get uncomfortable quickly) .

If I really had an itch for it , I might go 600. .

Interesting. Back around 2000 I sold
an old Tripper for $350 and thought I was giving it away. But I wouldn’t have sold it for less.

depends on time of year and location
in the northeast peak pricing is from march to midmay as people are looking for spring trips on the big rivers up here. 800$ is not unheard of i waited 4 years to find my minty tripper 17 bought from a young couple that lost interest quick. i paid 400$ in january.

for the feedback.