Old Town Tripper Lettering

Still working on redoing my TRIPPER. Does anyone know what color the TRIPPER letters were on the green ABS Royalex boat with black gunwales? No luck on getting decals from OT so I’ll go to a sign shop to have stencil made.


Your boat; you’re paying a sign shop to make you some decals…
Do what I do when I am replacing decals; make then any size and color you want.
I’d take a guess that the original decals were white.

Photos are of boats that I restored, with decals I had made. Mohawk never had a Purple Haze model of their Probe 12 II; that’s what I named it.


Blackhawk Shadow 11.7 feet

Mohawk Probe 12 II #5

Thanks Gitchelbob. Nice boats by the way. Where did you get your decals made or did you do them yourself?


My OT Penobscot from the late 80s has blue decals (sorry for the distant pic, it’s all I have now and I’m not near the boat at the moment)

Get my decals made at a custom sign shop.
Done business with them for decades.
Give me bargain basement prices, and a quality product.