Old town Vapor 10 value?

Hi paddlers :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m looking to get another kayak for my husband to paddle occasionally. We just spent quite a bit on my Old Town Loon 126 and all the gear that goes along with that… and he doesn’t want something quite so expensive because he’d mostly paddle to keep me company/ if we go camping/ pretty casually.
I found someone selling two Old Town Vapor 10’s, and I’m wondering what you guys think they are worth. I understand they’re a decent boat, good for recreational use- even if the drain plug is in a bad location?
They are in good condition, with minimal use and some scratching along the bottom from getting in and out of the water. The seller wants to sell them as a pair, so we in turn would sell the second one as we only need one.

So a few questions please…

  1. how much are they worth so I’m not overpaying?
  2. would you consider buying and OT vapor 10 for this kind of rec. use?
  3. do you think we could sell the second one without losing money? Even if we break even?

Kayaks where I live are hard to come by right now with shortages with covid. Unless you’ve got a few grand to spend, anywho. There are quite a few in the 2000 plus available here.

Thanks so much for any & all help!! I’ve attached a photo (it’s a stock online photo) of the vapor 10.

$300 for the boat in good condition is a fair price.

$300 USD or CAD?

US. Its a great boat very stable, lots of room, not speedy

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Thank you!

We just bought an OT Trip 10 that is quite similar to the Vapor except it is outfitted for fishing and I removed that stuff. It has a sealed hatch and bulkhead that adds dry storage behind the seat and also some flotation. I also added additional flotation in the bow.

I think he will like the Vapor and the prices mentioned above sound fair. If they insist on selling both maybe a bit lower even.

If you end up getting them and depending on where you will be paddling I would add some additional flotation to both ends.

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They won’t miss him in that color!

Wow that’s bright.

Yes it is bright and the other reason we went with the OT Trip 10 as it is a nice swirl blue. It wasn’t the major factor but it was one. :canoe:

How did you add extra flotation? Was it difficult?

Good choice in color (swirl blue).
As you can see in my avatar…that was my choice as well.

Psssst (blue goes faster and tracks straighter…lol)

It was really easy and fairly cheap. I am going to use yoga balls in hers and I have yoga balls in my canoe as well. They come in different sizes and shapes. In her OT Trip 10 I blew a round one up under her bow deck and it wedged itself in tight and conforms to the hull shape. Most yoga balls are pretty big 28-30” but they come in smaller sizes and I used a 17” ball. Her stern has a sealed compartment so for now we are doing nothing in the back. With an OT Vapor I think a small peanut ball might fill a good bit of that up. I have never tried it. I have peanut balls in my canoe though. You just have to make sure no screws are pointing down and if you do maybe pad them with something.

Many others have used pool noodles cut to fit in the hull where there is extra space.

It is almost imposable to move or swim in a fully swamped rec kayak without some flotation and it could even sink.

Here is a thread I started that didn’t gain traction.


Oh No she will be beating me now when i’m in my old canoe. :canoe: