Old Town Vapor XT

Thanks to all who responded to my previous post regarding the LL Bean Perception Manatee vs the Perception Swift. I came across another that got some positive responses on this site. It is $150 off at a local outdoors store. What are the thoughts of the Old Town Vapor XT vs the previously mentioned kayaks. Thanks again!!

Vapor XT is for big people.
It’s deep and wide. I knew a woman who thought herself to be big - she was swallowed into the boat and generally unhappy paddling it.

For the right person, it’s actually a decent boat (though, self rescue seems like it’d be pretty painful).

Piece of shit… Buy a kayak.

I have the 12XT. Big ole boat. Lots of cockpit room, but pretty heavy. I needed the room as I am a super big guy. It’s a great boat, tracks well, stable, holds a lot of weight, for a person my size. I like it. However, if I were a smaller person, as I hope to be one day, I think the enormous cockpit will be to big. The cockpit on the 10XT is the same size as the 12XT, so a lot of the boat is cockpit.

MBA boat…

It all depends on use…
… and the individual. I’m not a fan of the Vapor - but, I saw one newbie who came extremely close to capsizing a w/s Pungo 140 and had very little freeboard on a Dirigo 140. Next up was the Vapor 12 - plenty of freeboard and he felt way more comfortable in it.

Different boats for different folks.

Vapor 12
The Vapor is not just for wide-a** loads. It’s great to accomodate a pet in the cockpit and to strechout with your feet over the sides and get some sun.

Different boats for different purposes people!

What about the used idea?

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You are still chasing the dollars and going used is the best way to do that. Are you willing to consider it?

You also haven't indicated where you plan to paddle, and if VA is your home state you could have some ocean in your vicinity. A boat with a 45" long cockpit is a remarkably bad idea for bigger water with waves. Or you sizes - if your SO is my size (average at 5'4") those thigh braces would be useless window dressing. There is no way my thighs are going to find them sitting nearly 17" up under the front deck.

These boats have their place, but with the info you've provided so far there is no way of knowing if your paddling locals are appropriate. You also indicated an interest in tracking - once you have any of these rec boats out in wind over 10 mph, you will find them more difficult than a lower profile, longer boat.

hey slappy
when you say you are a big guy what do you mean? How much weight do you have in the XT?