Old Town vs Wilderness

Hello I am currently looking at purchasing a smaller kayak 10’ 10’6” . I currently own a Wilderness Pungo 120 which I really enjoy. With that being said I thought for sure I would enjoy the Wilderness Aspire but sadly after waiting months for it to deliver I did not and ended up selling it. So here I go again from what I have been able to find Old Town makes a nice boat, but know no one that owns one. I am also open to other suggestions that I may be over looking. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What type of water do you enjoy floating on?

What don’t you like about the Aspire? How do you plan to use the boat, what types of trips / purpose?

It would be used primarily flat water lake ,creeks and occasionally on rivers,

The boat itself tracked nice but it just seemed a bit chunky to me. Maybe I would of liked the smaller version but I was told by a dealer I would be too big for it 5’10 230lb. Also did not care for the two raised channels on the floor of the boat. I know little stuff but enough to annoy me that I probably would chose the Pungo over it when heading out.

Real problem is you have too many to pick from depending on which features you need, like, dislike. Suggest you look at OT Loon or Vapor boats, or Aventura from FeelFree.

Thanks , I am waiting on a dealer to get the OT back in stock to go check it out.