Old Towne Candienne

-- Last Updated: May-25-16 4:51 PM EST --

I have an opportunity to purchase an Old Town Canadienne in Kevlar with cane seats, wood rails etc. It has been well taken care of and from everything I have ever seen posted from owners this is not to be passed up! A bunch of gear, paddles etc for $1400. Is this a steal or what? I have not canoed in years but am looking forward to getting back into it!!!! Please let me know your thoughts etc. Appreciated!

Very nice boat
Price OK if everything is in very good shape. You will paddle it for many years if you care for it well. Check the HIN for the year of manufacture.

Very Nice boat
I appreciate the advice. I will check the HIN tomorrow when I am over there. I figure I can get the price down a bit and they will take payments etc, so I figure I cant lose. I will refinish the rails and clean it up a bit, but its clean. Nice cane etc. The price includes paddles and dry sacks etc. Thanks again

Price is high, IMO.
For comparison, I paid 1400 for a nearly pristine kevlar '98 MR Malicite with slotted wood gunwales and contoured seats. A fiberglass version in similar condition and with two nice paddles was mine for 650 - no haggling. Does the seller have any nice gear to sweeten the deal?