Old Watson Canoe

Continuing the discussion from Watson Canoe:

I have a 14’ Watson Canoe that was 20 years old when it was given to me from a cottage owner in Gatineau Quebec 24 years ago. It is relatively flat bottomed with three 1" keels which causes it to track effortlessly. The body is fibreglass with an oak yoke and web seat platforms… I live on the Rideau River and paddle over the summer. It is an excellent solo canoe, perfectly for one paddler and very well if two. It is looking a little worn and I expect to refinish it this summer. It has always been stored outside but the aluminum gunnels are in excellent condition unlike the much more expensive wooden gunnels I seen. I would recommend fibreglass with aluminum for a first canoe - and you will likely have for a lifetime. I believe it was made in Toronto and they don’t seem to be in business anymore.