Old Wenonah Kayak

My friend has an old 16’ hard body Wenonah Kayak w/rudder, frt and bk hatch. It is a very tough little boat and we would like to find more info about it. On the stern is “Lee Moyer Design” the other side says “tufweave”. Can anyone help?

Didn’t Lee Moyer own PWS?
I believe Lee Moyer owned Pacific Water Sports(PWS) out of Seattle back in the day. He used to build and sell touring kayaks under the " PWS" name. We repaired one last year. PWS was also a big paddlesport shop and outfitter.

Does it say Wenonah on it? Maybe Wenonah made some kayaks before the Current Design days. Love to hear the history. Somebody?

Old Wenonah Kayak
It does have the Wenonah name on it.

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