Old Werner paddle question

I picked up a used Werner kayak paddle the other day. I was told it’s about 9 years old and a model I’ve never seen before. There is no name on it. It has a fiberglass shaft and gray plastic or plastic/glass blend blades. The blades are about the same shape as my Camano. Any ideas what this model may be?

I had one
Grey fiberglass blades and a blue fiberglass shaft. I think it was called a Werner Mid tour. It was pretty heavy for a Werner. Heavier than the plastic bladed Skagit I now think is my heavy paddle.

mid tour
My old mid tour has a black shaft, not a blue one, my Camano has a blue shaft. You could always ask someone at Werner.

The shaft is black. Great idea. I’ll contact Werner CS. Thanks.

still looking for an Arctic wind…
well thought I would ask…

just for a collection because it is such a cool looking paddle. I am sure it is an cross between a shovel and an axe but it would be great to have in the collection