Old, worn out Kayaks and Canoes

I was reading another thread and it got me thinking: what DO you do with a boat that’s lived past it’s prime? Can you just leave them at the curb or recycle them? Will the LPS (Local Paddle Shop) take them in trade?

How does that happen?
I have a very-well-used canoe. I just keep fixing it.

I suppose the plastics could eventually wear through, but that takes a long time.

Some Poly can be recycled - Aluminum can be sold for scrap - wood can be composted - Royalex, I don’t know - and Kevlar, well that should probably be repairable.

craigslist (nm)

I had a plastic boat that, after five
years of abuse, started cracking repeatedly under the cockpit.

I pulled out the outfitting and placed it by the curb. The trash men ignored it.

So, I broke and cut it into four manageable pieces and stuffed them into a large trash barrel. They took the pieces away.

As for trades, the larger paddle shops
may take a boat in trade. Nantahala Outdoor Center took a kayak in trade from me, and later I bought a used MR Guide Solo from them for only $400.

If it’s a composite boat, you can see if there is someone who wants one that they are willing to fix up, like I did with this one:


Victim boats
Some paddling clubs accept old boats to use in river rescue class. They go out and pin the old boats in rapids for the class to rescue.

If your club is organized as a non-profit, you can ask about treating your donation of the old boat as a charitable deduction.


Other uses…
Kids sand box.

Flower bed.

Cat’s litter box.

Wading pool.

Snow sled.

Nesting box for “critters”.

Loaner boat.

If it really is still useable; give it to someone who will use it for it’s original/intended purpose.


Non -Profit Donations
I suspect that all clubs are non profit organizations but few of them go through the hassle of becoming a charity. So you can make donations but they will not be deductible.

When a composite canoe I bought in
1973 deteriorated so that I didn’t want anyone trying to refurbish it for safety reasons, I sawed it into pieces and sent it to the landfill.