Older canoe

I have an old Nona 17’ Canoe that I tried to look up online and couldn’t find it. Bought it 20 years ago. At that time I believe they were made in Costa Mesa Calif. Are they still around?


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Also, is it a Nova as in Nova Craft? If
so, they’re still around. Hey, if the canoe is in good shape, floats, and looks ok, I wouldn’t worry about the factoids on it.

www.myccr.com has a few canoe nuts on it who would likely know excatly what you have.

nona canoe
Two years ago you were looking for info on a Nona Canoe. I have just aquired one and would like to know more about it. Did you ever get anything on it? thanks, Pat

Nona Kayak
I have a Nona Kayak made in Costa Mesa that I purchased about 20 years ago. I am trying to get specs on that kayak. I was unable to find any information on the internet. Can anyone help me with this search?

Nona Canoe
I have a similar age Nona canoe from Costa Mesa, Ca. I am interested in selling it. Do you know its current value?