Older CD Solstice GT on Craigslist Westchester NY $500


Don’t know if I’d call it excellent condition. Missing bungees but deck should buff out OK.
It’s a pretty and capable boat in the water.

If that’s their idea of excellent condition I’d hate to see what they consider to be poor condition

Almost every kayak on CL is in excellent condition! But for $500 it might not be bad.

Here’s a CD Storm for $400 OBO. “Good” condition. That repair on the stern might need a little work…


The Storm series is basically the plastic version of the Solstice series which are all composite.

Not sure why deck is all white or something on my phone. Seat back is not original. No pictures of rudder area. If he’s asking 500 he’ll take less. Can’t see much detail or bottom. Could be about 14 or more years old. No big deal if it has been cared for.

Its oxidized gel coat. Ought to compound out just fine Need bottom pix too! To me the seat seems a replacement too.

Looks to me like the seat back is a replacement, but likely lower profile than the original assuming it was similar to the seat in my Squall. This would be a good thing IMO. Edited - Whoops, missed seeing the rudder. And my Squall was plastic,may be the diff in . whether neo liners under those hatch covers.

@Celia said:
Looks to me like the seat back is a replacement, but likely lower profile than the original assuming it was similar to the seat in my Squall. This would be a good thing IMO. My question is the lack of a rudder. The Solstice series of boats are generally trackers, but they were all designed assuming a rudder. So maybe worth a discussion with the seller about how the boat behaves in wind. Also need to confirm that the neoprene covers that are supposed to be under those hatch covers are there and in decent shape.
Hard to see but there is a rudder. Deck may well buff out.
If it was near me I would definitely go look at it.

I see rudder is there I see on computer monitor. There were no neo covers under hatch covers unless they did it when the first came out. They use rubber gaskets on both hatches. It would be hard to bring gelcoat back it is scratched to hell… You would need to check for cracks. Needs re-rigged. Straps are 25 ea for bow hatch. Pedals are old Yakima ones that slide so they suck and need replaced with the cables. Hull fittings may be need replaced also but are probably ok. Rudder tip looks cut because it’s flat on tip. I’d pay 300 tops and then you’d be doing a lot of work to make it look decent like a paint job. Never saw one with seat back that high. If it’s original seat back it’s before 1998. 225 if rudder is cut. New rudder is 150. Fun project boat for the right price, Looks like a glass hull not kevlar. Base of seat is original.

My errors retracted above. A boat that looks like hell but works still works. At a few hundred bucks it doesn’t owe anyone anything. Replacing deck rigging no big deal, do it at the same time as the bungies. Maybe a little big on you if I recall correctly, but it’ll work and get you home the same day.

Yeah, that’s correct, it’s definitely too big for me. I was just posting it in case someone else in the area was seeking an inexpensive boat. But it’s been educational to hear how much work this one needs.

I know I paid 300 for beat Extreme / Nomad. Stripped it painted it. Replaced EVERYTHING except hull and rudder assembly. Paint and parts just about 600 bucks and a lot of time. Looks like new but hours of work. So if I sold it I’d get my money back and a few bucks but not much. Labor of love. I did learn a lot.