Older coated drysuit?


I’m new to swiftwater paddling, so I’m taking a swiftwater rescue course. At this time, I plan to packraft only, so I don’t need a drysuit for what I plan and want to do. However, we need to get a drysuit for the class.

I’m thinking of purchasing an older urethane coated drysuit for using during the class. What is a good price on one of these suits, assuming the gaskets are in good condition? I can’t seem to get the results that I want on eBay to get a feel for fair pricing. I’m open to arguments to getting a gore-tex drysuit, though I’d rather not spend the money for an item that will be used infrequently (if at all) after the class.

This might work for you: https://www.mythicdrysuits.com/collections/drysuits

Depending on where you live or are taking the course, there are some places that rent them. Or, if you have the patience, check the paddling site want ad listings for one – I got my Goretex Kokatat for only $400 a few years ago and it only needed a $30 neck gasket repair.

Also Kayak Academy continually sells off their rental suits on their website for decent prices (they are checked and repaired so as to be functional).

Would this one fit you? Listed in the classifieds here, Large Kokatat Goretex for $400:


A urethane coated suit will be like wrapping yourself in Saran Wrap. If this is a warmer weather course, could be pretty miserable.

Yeah, I know the (big) downside of urethane suits. However, I think I can suffer it for 2 days. I have a lead on a old suit, which is why I was wondering what a fair price would be. Ultimately, I was looking for something cheaper than renting a suit for 2 days.

hard to evaluate an older suit without really looking at it- given the fact that you can buy a new no frills mythic suit for around 400 dollars, i don’t think I’d pay more than 250 for an older non breathable drysuit that was in real good condition. Have you considered a farmer john wetsuit (less than 100 new) and paddling jacket, You can switch out layers under the paddling jacket as the day warms up or even peel the suit down. Also provides a bit more padding from rocks and bouancy ((assuming you bleed the drysuit) than a dry suit. I have drysuits but have purposefully taken swift water classes in wetsuits. What is really important is footwear. You want something with grabby soles and ankle support. I break out the felt bottomed booties (non environmentally correct) but they work great. Biggest danger with a swr class is busting your a** on slick rocks so think padding and stability. Of course if I was takin’ the class on the natahala- where the water’s pretty cold I might go drysuit.

I wouldn’t even pay $250 for a coated drysuit. I only paid $250 for my breathable Stohlquist B-pod on sale. I’ve seen those old coated suits on ebay for ~$150, and frankly, wouldn’t pay that. Had one I paid less for. Glad I don’t use that anymore. It’s okay, if you don’t do anything active…

Thanks for your comments! I appreciate the thoughts about dry suits and tips for SWR classes.

The reason I asked, is because I have a lead on an old drysuit in excellent condition for $100. Considering a discounted 2-day rental would be $75, I figured I might save some cash by buying/reselling an old drysuit.

I’m taking the packraft SWR class, which has a lot less emphasis on rope skills, unlike regular SWR certification. However, I appreciate your thoughts on good grip in the water, I’m sure I will lose my footing more than once. The class is in 2 weeks, on some water near Moab (presumably wherever has good flow for the class).

At this time, I plan to do more packing than rafting (over multiple days), so any rafting I do will probably be light, a little wet, and cold with the assumption that I can warm up with a couple hours of walking afterwards. If I start doing more paddling for the sake of finding fun water, a good drysuit would certainly be a priority.

moab’s a hard place to dress for, warm air temps, cold water temps (at least in the colorado), good luck with the class