Older Dagger thigh braces?

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It looks like back in the day before Dagger was acquired by the same group that owns perception and wilderness systems, their touring kayaks could use the same braces as their white water models, since they had the same cockpit dimensions....

"...and thigh braces from Dagger's whitewater boats can be added..."

For those who know what these thigh braces looked like (or by chance can look at their older dagger kayaks with the option) - can you tell me if it looks like these?:



Would either of these options work in an older dagger touring kayak (baja) - I want to learn how to roll :-)



I have a ww Dagger Animas, and the
thigh brace system is not at all like you are showing. There is a single piece of plastic that has a bracket to hold the top edge of the front wall, and has extensions that sweep back to form the thigh braces.

You should be careful about deducing anything about thigh braces from the cockpit dimensions. The ww cockpits may have the same length and width, but the shape of the front of the cockpit might differ.

However, not to worry. Your basic problem is to attach something under the front of the deck, going back to the sides, to which you can glue shaped pieces of minicell for the thigh braces. I had to do that when I converted an old Noah from c-1 to k-1. Maybe you’ll find an existing brace assembly, but meanwhile, start thinking about what you can screw or rivet under that deck to do the job.

The Dagger AQII
also has the type of system g2d describes. As I recall, virtually all Dagger whitewater boats back in the early and mid 1990s did.

Do they just pop in and out?
Thank you both!

For the Brace assembly in your kayaks, does it just fit under the combing and pops out? bolted in? If you have a moment can you upload some pictures?

I am thinking of going hunting for some really trashed dagger white water kayaks online/craigslist and asking the sellers if they could just send me the brace.

Thanks again!

Dagger Crossover

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This model had a horseshoe shaped insert in
3 sizes for aggressive, standard, quiet paddling
Only 1 bolt held it in as it was form fitted nicely.


see picture below
The photo of the Dagger Crossover shows the type of thigh brace that the AQII and Animas have.

It is one big piece of molded black plastic that fits around the edges of the front of the cockpit coaming and extends beneath the deck on either side forming the thigh braces. In the center of this piece is a slot that accommodates the top of the front foam pillar and keeps it centered.

The whole thing is secured with a single pop rivet or machine screw and nut just in front of the center of the cockpit.