Older fiberglass canoe question

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I'm lookin at a fiberglass canoe on craigslist. Being new to canoes, I thought that this would be the place to come for advise. It is an 18 ft. lake canoe that was purchased in '72, used only a few times and has been in a barn ever since. From the few pictures that are provided and my limited knowledge base, I can only describe what I see. It's white, molded seats, covers on the bow and stern and it appears to have an "M" sticker on the bow. Any help would be appriciated. Thanks in advance.

What advice?
What do you want to know?

If you want to know whether to buy the canoe or not,weigh it. Bring your bathroom scale to the sellers place, put the canoe on your shoulders, and step on the scales

If the 18’ canoe weighs more than 85 lbs, dont buy it.

See if the seats are removable. If no, value goes down.

See if it is painted with house paint: cracking, peeling, ugly. If yes, dont pay more than $70.

If it has major cracks or damage or holes through the gel coat THAT YOU CAN REPAIR YOURSELF, do not pay more than $100 if it is an otherwise excellent canoe. If there is damage thst you cannot fix yourself, do not buy it

If the spine is damaged, do not buy it and do not take it home even if it is free.

Lot of ifs
But anyway, if it is really an 18 ft canoe and if it really is fiberglass then that is probably why it just sits in a barn. Heavy, like something you would want to trailer. Roof topping a canoe that large isn’t a ton of fun to begin with but if it is a heavy one then it’s a real chore. And actually if I owned it I probably would trailer it. But it may be a good lake canoe ? I wouldn’t know, I have no clue what brand , model or even design the canoe even is.

I have a '73 Moore that sort of meets
that description. But why go old FG? Shop for newer stufff.

See if this link gets you to a picture
of our Moore. End caps, molded tractor seats, “M” name, who knows.


fglass moldy oldie
Why take a chance on a 40 year old fiberglass boat? Most of those were made with chopper guns and polyester resin. They get brittle and fragile with age even sitting out of the sun. Find a newer boat.

In general, I agree, but Moore canoes
were hand laid using “octometric” cloth orientation, and had a reputation for durability. Moores were repeat winners in downriver whitewater events. CE Wilson has expressed admiration for Moores as fast and durable boats.