Older polyethylene care

First post here!

I just got an older Old Town Discovery 158. It is in great shape and seems solid. The red has faded to more of a bright pink. With that in mind, is there something I should be doing to help protect the canoe to make it last longer? Waxes/coatings?

You can use 303, or there are yacht
waxes that have UV inhibitors in them. I use one made by 3M. But the best you can do is cover the hull when you’re storing it at home.

OT will have used UV inhibitors in the plastic, but UV inhibitors are not little reflectors, they work by wearing out. So the outer layer of plastic does degrade a bit after much UV exposure.

I wish 303 and other makers of UV protection would give a ballpark estimate of how long the protection lasts. Just something similar to what the sun protection lotion makers provide.

Sea Sense at Walmart
I came across some Sea Sense kayak protectant on Wally World’s site along with the 303 I searched for. I will grab some and get to spraying! Thanks a ton!

You might try a product called “303 Aerospace Protectant” Worked for me. Available at most marine stores.