Older prijon Seayak Vs WS Tempest or 16.

Looking at kayaks and am going with Plastic since this area has alot of rocky shoreline. I want to do bays the harbor and some rough water. I was also looking for durability. I had a walden Passage that leaked, my Kayak instructor said i would be bettter waiting and renting since she said I was a natural and would outgrow that Passage quickly.

I have looked at the Prijon Seayak and really liked what I have read about it being indestructable and a great roughwater boat as long as you have a rudder and rig the seat up the right away. Ive only Sat in a Tempest 17 and it felt alot better than the 16.6 version.

Ive also slightly conisdered the Tsunami. Can anyone do a comparison.



can’t do a comparison, but…

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the seayak does NOT need a rudder... I own a seayak, and know a few people who do also - The seayak does very well without a rudder - you just have to have some paddling skills... And yes, prijon's are pretty much indestructible - that htp plastic is some tough stuff!!! I know someone who lost a seayak from a roof rack failure (ripped completely out of roof through the sheetmetal) at about 65mph, it was paddled not even an hour later for a multiday trip... The seayak IS a great rough water boat... and you can easily fit gear and food for a week and half if you pack right...

You said an older seayak - if it predates the newer design with the dayhatch right in front of the cockpit, many paddlers i know like that design better - the newer design (w/dayhatch) has a raised up cockpit and more room for your thighs as compared to the older model. They feel they have much better control due to the tighter fit. Personally i like the dayhatch on the current model for convenience - cigarettes, cameras, snacks, etc.. - and is easily reached while on the water...

I don’t have any experience with the Seayak, but I have a Prijon Kodiak. You can’t beat Prijon plastic.

Heard technique has alot to do with Seay
I think the guy said it was around 8 years old and was his son’s who hasn’t really used it much. He said he would consider taking off a little on the $650.00 asking price. The tempest I was looking at was around 4850.00 but is sold. There are several touryaks and a catalina for sale also. But I am mainly intrested in the seayak,Kodiak or Barracuda. Amen on the weathercocking info. I was thinking maybe it could have been poor opaddling technique or possibly they had the seat backs or seat position rigged up wrong. I read where depending on how your loaded that seat position can make a huge differance on performance.

Tons of them
There are tons of kayaks out there that will suit your needs, no need to limit yourself to these few. The Barracuda is the odd duck in your line up. I’ve never paddled one but from what I’ve read it’s not a boat for a casual paddle. Very fast but very tippy.

I had a Seayak briefly, hated it. Maybe hate is too strong of a word but I didn’t hang onto it for long. I’m a flat water (and speed) guy so I’ll take tracking over maneuverability any day. I found it frustrating to paddle.

Any plastic boat will be fine in the abuse department; it’s not like anything but Prijon is going to self destruct.


older version
I think it is the older version without the little deck hatch. It is in the price range I can afford based on what i was considering.