Older Thule Glide & Set

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After many years, a Thule Glide and Set we purchased used with a kayak, are now going to be used when loading by myself along with a never used Roller loader. This set up is pretty nice. These carriers are the older style with metal square brackets which fit around the square bars.

So my question is - when the kayak is loaded with the Thule Glide and Set (the rear Glides i supposed they are called) are more elevated than the front rubber ones). This makes the kayak sit higher in the stern than in the bow. It is not a huge amount but it seems odd and wonder if this set is a compatible one.

Is this the way the Glide and Set cradles are meant to be?

A possible cause
I have a recent version of the Glide and Set and the same thing happens. In my case, the cause is the curve of the car roof, and where I place the rack feet along that curve. I don’t think there is any problem with the bow being a bit lower than the stern.

Having the back up higher than the front will not hurt a thing and is common on some cars due to the feet position. Might be a good idea to put a cockpit cover on to reduce wind scoop (heck a cockpit cover is ALWAYS a good idea to keep the spiders out!) Plus your kayak will look a little like the old drop nose Concorde jet going down the road!

Yes to cockpit covers!
We do 98% of the time put them on when travelling but always at night due to “bugs” ! I keep them off for a while after paddling when stored in garage so it can dry out but do worry about those “spiders” settling in!

Our roof where the bars are, are of equal level. It is the rear glides that are set higher but i guess it really isn’t an issue. Always use carabiners from cover to bungess to hold those covers on in case they ever fly off (hasn’t happened yet in the last 8 years but just in case)

I know this seems obvious…
…but I’ll ask anyway. Is it actually the glides that are higher, or the kayak sitting in the glides. This could just be a function of how far apart the glides are spaced on the crossbars.

Its the glides that are higher

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We repositioned them various ways and it doesn't matter - the whole piece sits up higher. It just seems odd and because we got them used, i wondered if they were from 2 different sets but the way they fit onto the square bars (only) are the same so they are probably just made this way. The newer ones fit various bars but haven't seen them and not buying them anyways as i have these to use.

I just spoke to Thule finally..and they are designed this way for aerodynamics. Even the newer ones are higher in the back (stern) ! so all is well.