Older Wenonah ID

Wondering if anyone can ID this old 19’ Wenonah model?
No MFP plate and no engraving on gunnel.

What I believe you have is an original Wenonah Spirit of Wenonah. Check its measurements against the Wenonah 17 in the present offerings. Mike Ciccanowski started building canoes in 1965 and started out as Minnesota Fiberglass Products, Hence the HIN prefix MFP found on Wenonah serial numbers. There are over 5 years of Wenonah Canoes made before the introduction of the universal HIN number system. If this is a 19’ canoe it is not familiar to me, but could be an earlybill enlarged version for racing. Hope this helps. You do have s well preserved part of Wenonah history.

Thanks for the info @plaidpaddler