Older Werner kayak paddle info

I am looking for information on two different used Werner kayak paddles that Werner no longer produces. I think they are priced right, just can’t find anything on them. Werner has not got back to me yet.

The first paddle is the same shape as today’s Skagit CF but has grey paddles instead of black. Seller thinks they are an earlier model. The blades are some sort of composite/glass (not plastic). The shaft is black and the blades are grey. The paddle is about 10-15 years old but appears to have not been used much if at all.

The second paddle is the Rec Tour was and was the modle made model before the Skagit. They have fiberglass blades, but more of a fiberglass mat with resin versus a woven cloth. So the blades look and feel like a hard plastic. The paddles weigh about 33 or 34 ounces.

These specific paddles were supposedly made as a special OEM paddle for Liquid Logic kayaks. Apparently, that’s why they’re blue which is unusual for Werner. That’s what the retailer I got them from said (a bike and kayak place in California). I’ve seen pictures of Rec Tour paddles and the blades on these might have a slightly different shape, perhaps required by Werner for the OEM thing. I think the blade is slightly wider than the Camano. Can include a photo of this paddle if it would help.

That’s all I know. Thanks for the help.

Can you provide pictures of the blades and shafts in question?

paddle photos
Sorry, not able to post photos without being a Paddling Perks member

Feel free and email me the pictures - Im a dealer of werner paddles and can provide you the information needed



So Can I …
Would it be o.k. if you let us know the price ? Just wondering.

Paddle prices
The first paddle is stuck at 45 degrees. Don’t know if it is adjustable in 15 degree increments or just 0, 45 and 60. An experienced kayaker said she has rarely seen paddles that have been stuck for a long time come un stuck. Asking price is $40.

Second paddles, a pair, asking price is $225 for the pair.

Rec Tour
I have one of the blue Rec Tour paddles. $225 for a pair of those sounds a bit steep. I got a blem for $90 6 years ago. Blem was coloring. Nice rec paddle.