oldest and still active paddling club

What is the oldest and STILL ACTIVE paddling club in U.S.A.

oldest paddling club
well dat it me the oldest paddler…it been 95 years old im still paddling…it called the old fart paddling club.located in some where in the southern piney.

“The Yonkers Rowing and Paddling” Club was originaly the “Yonkers Canoe Club” which was founded in 1886 and incorporated in 1888

And as noted elsewhere, don’t overlook
the Philadelphia Canoe Club.

Just yesterday, I learned that the
Philadelphia Canoe Club founded 1905

Washington Canoe Club founded 1904

I received an urgent email that the Washington Canoe Club is in danger of being closed by the National Park Service over the leasing of the land that it currently occupies.

Excelsior Rowing Club
Founded in 1888, changed its name 3 years later to the present San Diego Rowing Club.

Yeah, I rowed, but is a rowing club
relevant in the current search?

No Rowing
It don’t count for this

Oldest active canoe club
What about the ACA which started going to Sugar Island in 1880?

I would expect there are older canoe clubs in England, but I haven’t searched for them.


Rochester NY Canoe Club

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This club was started in 1881 for the use of members to paddle and sail canoes. It envolved into a sailing club but still has the name of Rochester Canoe Club. Never called a rowing club or sailing club.


more sailing
there seems to be a lot of sailing at that club and not a lot of paddling or rowing at Rochester.

oldest canoe club
paraphrasing of Wikipedia result for “oldest canoe club”

John Mac Greger (I consider him the father of recreational canoeing) paddled through the rivers and canals of Central and Northern Europe and the Middle East in a boat he designed called the Rob Roy. Through a series of books and lectures he formed a group of sportsman who met in 1866 to form The Canoe Club. In 1867 they held their first regatta. The Canoe Club became the Royal Canoe Club in 1873.

They are still quite active.


Thanks 2all cool info
That’s really sad about Washington Canoe Boat House.

Good question; neat post.

oldest paddling club
well now you got your answer to your question…so now you can see that it been around for long times now…as long there h2o(water),they be a club forming some where… some time… some place…may a paddler comes up along side and chat along with you…

may the current be with you…